Things to do nearby

Our county has many historical and natural treasures. Here are some spots to explore:

TatabányaThe biggest town nearby with various possibilities of entertainment: historical Turul bird statue to visit, a museum to learn about the town’s mining history, an outdoor museum built on a mine pit to discover past lives. You can also find restaurants, parks, a shopping mall and a small aquapark.

Héreg – Héreg is a charming village surrounded by hills with hiking tracks.The forest is beautiful every season where you can find Király-kút spring which is a relaxing spot to enjoy nature. On the top of the hill there’s the TV tower which cannot be visited, however next to it there’s another, smaller tower to walk up to.

Tata “The town of water” term comes from the various natural water sources of the area, including lakes like Öreg-tó and Cseke-tó. Both lakes have their own unique features to fall for: take a long, romantic walk in the English garden of Cseke-tó, get amazed by the waterbirds and the dancing sunbeams on the water of Öreg-tó while you enjoy a delicious lunch in one of its restaurants.
The Fényes Bath awaits you to refresh yourself in the summer heat with different pools and cafeterias.
The surroundings of the spa is a nature reserve park, called Fényes Tanösvény, where you can take a peaceful walk on a footbridge in swampy land which is rich in natural beauties. 

Agostyán – The more than 30 hectares arboretum in Agostyán has nearly 300 species of trees and shrubs. It shows its different faces every season and it’s always mesmerizing and relaxing to walk around there. 

BajnaOne of the country’s most beautiful castles lies in Bajna. The castle of the Devil’s Horseman named by its late landlord Móric Sándor who had lifelong obsession with horses -legend says he rode on horseback even in the castle. His extreme stunts with horses made him famous across Europe while his only daughter Paulina was considered a fashion icon of her age. At the permanent, interactive exhibition you can take a look into their lives.

Esztergom – The biggest attraction in Esztergom is the huge  basilica above the town. Its interior is breathtakingly beautiful, from the outside it’s huge and massive, with night lights it has a wonderful, special view. Within a few minutes car ride through the Mária Valéria bridge you can easily go over the Danube and get into Slovakia.

Visegrád – Visegrád is a very popular hiking spot, the highest sight of it is the Citadel which has an extraordinary view on the Danube Bend and hosts many exciting exhibitions,mainly about the Middle Ages. Not far from the Citadel, there’s a 700 m long bobsleigh track which is fun to try for kids and adults as well.

Dobogókő – In the Visegrád Hills,, Dobogókő is also a popular tourist area, a spiritual site with several spots for meditation. Some believe that the place is the “heart chakra” of the Earth and has healing energies.

Click on the picture below to see our beautiful shots taken by a drone from bird view of 10 different locations: