About Tarján

Tarján is in Komárom-Esztergom county, Budapest is 60 km, Tatabánya is 10 km away from here.
Driving on the M1 freeway, you can reach us easily from the direction of Budapest or Győr.

Our small village has 3000 inhabitants, most of them have German roots and they actively practice and preserve their national traditions as a form of paying homage to their ancestors. With our annual events, we’d like to create quality entertainment options by involving different age groups together, to share our traditions with our guests and the future generations.

Some of the villagers have the knowledge for winemaking and one thing is for sure, Tarján’s vineyards are charming and have a beautiful view to the village and the countryside. You can take a nice walk there or try the other outdoor activities with your family such as spending time on the playground, on the soccer field or in the outdoor fitness park.

Only 5 km away from our village there’s a big private fishing lake which is open only for a pleasant bike ride or a longer walk. In such a picturesque area you can choose from various hiking routes, visiting the surrounding hills.

Walking around the clean and tidy village, you can observe how the traditional Hungarian architecture is mixed with modern technology. The historic peasant houses are well preserved and renovated, alongside the typical cube shaped houses from the 20th century, giving an idyllic picture with nicely curated gardens and parks.

Beyond the pretty houses, Tarján has grocery stores, restaurants, a butcher, florists, a post office, a pharmacy, tobacco shops and a gas station as well.

Dining options