House Rules

  1. We rent out our apartments clean and tidy. There’s no cleaning service during the stay, we ask you to take care of cleanliness and leave the apartment in the same condition as you got it. If you don’t have time to tidy up (to take the trash out, wash up etc.) we take the duty over for an extra fee of 15 €.
  2. If you notice any malfunctioning of any equipment, please notify us immediately.
  3. Smoking is forbidden inside! There are ashtrays outside for smokers. We ask you to follow the general fire protection rules.
  4. We collect the waste selectively. Please cooperate with our intention and collect the clean plastics, PET bottles, tin cans and the paper separately under the sink.
  5. We take no responsibility for the values you leave in your car in our private parking lot.
  6. Any damages made in our apartment or on the rental bikes are charged to the guest and must be paid on site.
  7. When you leave your apartment, please close the windows and the door.
  8. Feeding and disturbing the deer (with noises or scary movements) are strictly forbidden!

By occupying the accommodation, all points of the House Rules are acknowledged and accepted.

We thank you for your cooperation ensuring your pleasant stay.

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